Empowering People Through Pop

Music revolution

Empowering Women through Pop.  Grounded in soul, St Oshun has been compared to Prince, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Doja Cat, and The Weeknd.  Founded in Milwaukee, WI, C-Dub & Porsche, the artists known as St Oshun, sold their home and moved in the middle of a pandemic to Hollywood to pursue their dream of being pop artists.  After dissolving their former incarnation as the Charles Walker Band, they gambled everything on their passion for empowering women through music in forming this new group.  They held the belief that mindful lyrics and positive social media messaging people could encourage and empower people to make change.

Porsche Carmon, vocalist, bassist, flutist and hand percussionist, was raised by a single working mother and found herself and her three sisters bonding through hours of singing along to the radio. Though she began to perform professionally as a vocalist in high school, she lived in constant fear of writing her own music, believing she wasn’t good enough.  However, she overcame her fear to begin producing in the group, and has bought a rich R&B flavor and pop melodies to St Oshun’s tracks.

C-Dub literally grew up in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin.  Surrounded by dairy farms, apple orchards and little to do, C-Dub turned to music in fifth grade. Though he was presented with various instruments, his music teacher declared he had the perfect mouth for saxophone.  As a adult, he is now also a vocalist and keyboardist in the duo, and he doesn’t know the meaning of no.  After being told repeatedly he couldn’t sing, by even close friends, he persevered through years of lessons and hours of practice to develop his voice.

St Oshun’s being a duo hasn’t limited their ability to open for national acts including Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, the Commodores, BB King, Cameo,  and Aaron Neville.  They have been featured on Fox News, NBC Live in the Morning, The Morning Blend, Discover Wisconsin, were the featured artist on the Blues Review and Soul Bag sampler CD’s, and have been nominated six years in a row for best soul/R&B act by WAMI, winning in 2013.